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About Me

My Background


As a young woman, traveling back and forth to Paris, I always wanted to paint.  I am a visual person, and living abroad, every street corner, every face, every dog sitting at the feet of its master in a small cafe, was a painting waiting to happen.  I loved working with acrylics: mixing colors, building textures, working with brushes, most especially with my fingers.  My paintings are proudly displayed in homes and offices throughout the United States and Europe.

My Medium


Back in New York, my painting stopped.  I no longer had the luxury of space, and so a new idea was born.  Abandoning my paints, tools, and canvas, I discovered the world of photo art, with apps, IPads and yes some degree of painting with my hands.  I have named my new endeavor FOTO ART: "Creating Forever Memories."

My Inspiration


My inspiration comes from the photos my clients send me to work on, portraits, families, pets, children.  Almost any subject can become a work of art, a keepsake, something that can be displayed, not tucked away in a drawer.  FOTO ART is applicable to WALL MOUNTED, CANVAS, NOTE CARDS, HOLIDAY CARDS, PHONE CASES 

and is even being used by some as a new BANNER for their SOCIAL MEDIA, WEBSITES, etc.  And as you can see it will put a smile on your face.

Send me your favorite high resolution photo and let's create a "forever memory" together! Foto Art, the perfect personalized, unique gift for WEDDINGS, and all SPECIAL OCCASIONS as well.  

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You Will Receive

  • You will  receive a unique one of a kind, nonrefundable 8x10 Foto Art Print suitable for framing.
  • For suggested Foto Art applications, check out these great sites:




 I am a professional photographer and  recommend Sharon’s artwork to all my portrait clients. Her artwork gives people a “work of art” of themselves to forever cherish. A fantastic way to take advantage of a great portrait photo! 

Craig Sotres

Craig x Sotres Photography

Imagine having your favorite photo transformed into a "work of

art" with Sharon's photo-technologies.  Each rendering is done

with love, patience and an "artist's eye" to insure a result that

is pure magic.  I love what Sharon did with my photo, which is

 now installed as a banner photo on my Facebook page.

Have fun and enjoy!

Anne Akers

Founder/Editor in Chief Glow Beauty Magazine & Co-Founder/ Publisher MD


I am not one to ever be speechless but when I received my beautiful painting as my 50th birthday present, I was absolutely stunned.

Never have I seen such creativity and beauty come to life in a painting. I remember saying to Sharon, “thank you for making me look so beautiful”.

It was evident that Sharon poured her heart into that painting, and it was by far, one of the best gifts I have ever received. 

Leena Gurevich

Director of Marketing & Events Accessories Council

 Wow Sharon, just found this. You're into a kinda pop art like "Andy Warhol"? Kinda nice... Certainly wishing you continued success and good luck! 

OX Carmen

Hi Sharon, OMG! I just saw the pictures… They are so amazing… Truly magnificent. I cannot thank you enough for such a special holiday present. 

Happy happy holidays 

Many thanks,

Sue xo

Sue Matthews

The Taylor Matthews Foundation

Co-Founder & President

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my portrait of Lucki, my kitty.  Sharon truly captured her magnificent beauty in a very artistic way.  Thank you. Sherry (Lucki's mummy)


Foto Art Creating Forever Memories Portrait


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